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The 7 Biggest Home Décor Mistakes You Might Be Making

We spend a lot of time choosing how we want our homes to look and selecting items that we think will look nice, but many decor mistakes happen in the process of putting the pieces together. Home decor mistakes are all too common; we see them time and time again, even in otherwise beautiful homes. We put together this list of the top 7 home decor mistakes to help you avoid these design pitfall...

  • calendar_month October 26, 2022
9 Home Renovations Proven to Skyrocket the Value of Your Home

Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar, right? Well sometimes, the best way to increase the value of your home is to put in a little work and a little investment to make your property really shine. Whether it's curb appeal or updating the finishes to your home, these are the 9 home renovations that our experts say will increase the value of your home! Some can even be done as a ...

  • calendar_month October 28, 2022
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2023 Home Décor Trends – More is More!

2023 Home Décor Trends – Bring on the Excess! For the past few years, the common theme in the home décor space was ‘Less is More’.  This is not the case for 2023 home décor trends.. All of the home décor inspo social media pages were showcasing clean rooms with minimal décor.  Everything felt fresh and renewing.  There is ...

  • calendar_month December 29, 2022
Report: Nearly Half of the Units Listed in LA Through Short Term Rental Companies Are Violating Regulations

It’s been over three years since the city of Los Angeles passed laws designed to regulate out-of-control listings by short term rental companies. Yet, a recent report highlights that, in light of a disturbing lack of enforcement, hosts are still bending the rules. Or, in many cases, outright breaking them. David Wachsmuth, an urban planning professor at McGill University, recently share...

  • calendar_month January 3, 2023
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The 10 Essential Apps for Homeowners to Simplify Their Lives

Looking for ways to simplify your life? Most of us are! Let's face it: being a homeowner is incredible, but who among us wouldn't like a little help with the details? Whether it's compiling your creative ideas for home decor, finding a handyman or a plumber to help with any issues that may spring up, or simply organizing your bills, as the old Apple slogan used to say, "there...

  • calendar_month January 4, 2023
Absorption Rate Analysis December 2022: "Surge" is the Word for Selling Houses in Los Angeles

If the end of 2022 is anything to go by, it’s certainly a happy new year for those selling houses in Los Angeles. The absorption rates for each of our neighborhoods surged deeper into a sellers market in December with the exception of one. Some of those surges were negligible. But one neighborhood made the most aggressive jump we’ve ever seen since we started tracking absorption r...

  • calendar_month January 9, 2023
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Looking for the Best Views in Los Angeles? These 7 Remain Some of the Most Popular

We told you where to see stars near Palm Springs. But In Los Angeles, we look down to see the night lit up by twinkling lights. We’re also spoiled by the wealth of scenic views spread out across the city. It seems that everyone has their favorite spot for overlooking the twinkling lights and wistfully dreaming. Some are bustling with crowds. Others are secluded, remote, even peaceful. W...

  • calendar_month January 10, 2023
JohnHart’s 12 Skills for Exponential Growth in Real Estate – Skill #2: Relationship Building

How far do you think you’d get in your real estate career without your relationships? In this industry, success is often directly tied to the way you interact with others. And we’re not just talking about your clients. We’re talking about your fellow agents, whether in your firm or sitting across the negotiation table. We’re talking about your trusted vendors; your com...

  • calendar_month January 16, 2023
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With an End to Eviction Protection Looming, LA City Council Votes on New Proposals

The city of Los Angeles continues its Covid-19 eviction protection saga this week. Yet, it will be Friday before the LA City Council’s vote reveals anything conclusive. For now, we can mull over a list of proposed regulations aimed at shielding tenants from repercussions for unpaid and underpaid rent. The proposals bring new hope for tenants still floundering in the aftermath of the glo...

  • calendar_month January 19, 2023
Absorption Rate Analysis: February 2023 – New Places, Same Housing Market

After last month’s dramatic (at least at first glance) absorption rates, February’s numbers seemed to move things back to a state of normalcy. Admittedly, “normal” for the Los Angeles housing market would still give a mechanical bull a run for its money. But our agents have learned to ride those bucks and dips without spilling a drop of their coffee. Though it was a mu...

  • calendar_month March 8, 2023